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Karin Witte (Hamburg 1939) - Artist

Paintress and graphic artist. W. studied at the Hamburg school of applied arts among others under W. Grimm. She had many national and international exhibitions, among others in Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck, Düsseldorf, Brussels and St. Petersburg. In 1974 she was awarded the Edwin Scharff prize. Mus.: Hamburg (Kunsthalle), Schleswig (SHLM), Kiel, Lübeck, Dresden, Hapag-Lloyd collection a. others. Lit.: Der Neue Rump, Heydorn a. others.

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Karin Witte (Hamburg 1939)


Proceeds : 2.200 €

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Catalog: Mai 2014 (05/2014)

Karin Witte (Hamburg 1939)

Au Café

Proceeds : 1.200 €

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Catalog: Juni 2015 (06/2015)

Karin Witte (Hamburg 1939)


Proceeds : 900 €

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Catalog: September 2017 (09/2017)

Karin Witte Hamburg 1939

A composition with a figure

Proceeds : 600 €

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Catalog: Auktion 285 (01/2000)

Karin Witte Hamburg 1939

Two Women

Proceeds : 300 €

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Catalog: Auktion 296 (01/2000)

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