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Hans Olde: Before Sunrise

Hans Olde (Süderau 1855 - Kassel 1917)

Before Sunrise

Lot-No. 6 | Proceeds: 54.300,00 €

Oil/canvas, 100 x 151 cm, lo. ri. sign. and dat. Hans Olde Seekamp 1888, on the frame two labels for the World's Fair Chicago 1893 with title and contemporary label of US customs. - Exhibition: The painting was exhibited: Hans Olde. Impressionist des Nordens, SHLM Schloss Gottorf 2019; Weltausstellung Chicago 1893; Thaulow-Museum Kiel 1888. - Literature: The painting is published with ill. in: U. Schulte Wülwer: Kieler Künstler, vol. 2, p. 369. - Provenance: Private collection Flensburg. - Portrait, animal, history and landscape painter, one of the first and foremost impressionist painters in Germany. O. studied at the Munich academy under L. von Löfftz and at the Académie Julian in Paris. He was co-founder of the Munich secession and on that occasion made friends with L. Corinth. Repeatedly visiting Paris he studied the French avantgarde, most of all Monet. 1902-10 he was director of the Weimar Kunstschule,thereafter of the Kassel academy. His most famous work is the portrait of sick Friedrich Nietzsche. Mus.: Hamburg (Kunsthalle), Kiel (Kunsthalle), Berlin (Nat. Gall.), Schleswig (SHLM) a. others. Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Der Neue Rump a. others.

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