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Auction 16 May 2020 - Lot-Nr. 359

An Empire Lyra Penule 'Apoll'
An Empire Lyra Penule 'Apoll'  - Bild 1

Lot-Nr. 359 | Hémon Paris, ment. 1812

An Empire Lyra Penule 'Apoll' | Sold

Paris, around 1815. Bronze, fire gilded, blackened, with green marbled stone plinth. Open worked gold dial, enamel cushions with arab. numerals, Breguet hands. Round Pendulum movement, count wheel striking mechanism on bell half and full hour, thread suspension, marked 'Hémon à Paris'. H. 48 cm, B. 19,5 cm, T. 13 cm. - Literature: Elke Niehüser, Die Französische Bronzeuhr, 1997, p. 45; Ottomeyer/Pröschel, Vergoldete Bronzen, Vol. 1, 1986, p.379, fig. 5.15.21.; Pierre Kjellberg, Encyclopédie de La Pendule Francaise, 1997, p. 379, fig. F; Baillie. - Provenance: Private Collection Hamburg. -

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