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Lisel Oppel (Bremen 1897 - Worpswede 1960) - Winter in Worpswede

Winter in Worpswede

Lot-Nr. 132 | Lisel Oppel (Bremen 1897 - Worpswede 1960)

Winter in Worpswede | Result 2.300 €

Oil/masonite, 50 x 70 cm, lo. r. sign. and dated Lisel Oppel 52. - The image shows presumably the Findorffstraße with view on the today's Music Hall in Worpswede. - Exhibition: 2011 - 2017 loan collection, Overbeck-Museum, Bremen. - Literature: published in: C. Krause, Die Bilderwelt der Malerin Lise Oppel, Bremen 2016, S. 256. - Provenance: Collection H. Wittig/Fricke. - German painter. O.learned at the State School of Applied Arts in Bremen and studied at the Academy in Munich. In 1919 she settled in Worpswede and moved 1920 in Martha Vogeler's house in Schluh. She made numerous journeys to the south and worked also as a ceramist and porcelain painter. She belongs to the second generation of Worpswede artists and loved the popular motifs: the moors, lanterns, flowers and barnhouses as well as children's portraits.

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