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Alexander Michailovich Rodchenko: Pole Vault

Alexander Michailovich Rodchenko (St. Petersburg 1891 - Moskau 1956)

Pole Vault

Lot-No. 203 | Proceeds: 500,00 €

Gelatine print, 18 x 23,5 cm, on reverse studio stamp Rodchenko, unframed. - Copy of 1987 of the photo made in 1937. - Sowjet photographer, painter, sculptor and designer. R. studied painting in Kasan 1910-14 and developed into one of the leading avantgarde artists in Russia. Mus.: Moscow (Tretjakow Gall., Puschkin Mus.), New York (MoMA), St. Petersburg (Russ. Mus.) a. others.

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