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Cornelis de Vos: Portrait of a Lady

Cornelis de Vos (Hulst um 1584 - Antwerpen 1651), attr.

Portrait of a Lady

Lot-No. 37 | Proceeds : 63.100,00 €  

Oil/canvas, 48 x 42,5 cm, on the reverse inscribed 'De Silva, Don Diego Velasquez', on the stretcher Christie's block stamp, relined. - Expertise: Bernardino de Pantorba, Madrid, 15. November 1971 as Velazquez. - Flemish portrait painter, brother of the animal painter Paul de Vos and brother in law of Frans Snyders. V. was taught painting in the workshop of J. Remäus; in 1608 he was master of the Anwerp St. Luke's guild. Occasionally he cooperated with Rubens and Jordaens. His portraits, among the best of their time, stand out for their liveliness and truthfulness which was probably a reason why V. was a painter of the Antwerp citizens and not painter to a court. Mus.: St. Petersburg, (Hermitage), Madrid (Prado), Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt (Städel), London (Wallace Coll.) a. others. Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit, Bernt a. others.

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