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Pit von Frihling: Boats by Shore

Pit von Frihling (Hamburg 1919 - Hamburg 2011)

Boats by Shore

Lot-No. 177 | Proceeds: 700,00 €

Oil/canvas, 76 x 101 cm, lo. ri. sign. a. dat. v. Frihling 56, on the reverse small ship yard. - German painter, graphic artist a. artisan. After apprenticeship as butcher he served in World War II. 1945-48 he studied at the Hamburg Landeskunstschule under A. Mahlau a. K. Kaschak. In 1957 he studied again, this time at the Hamburg academy under G. Fietz. In 1958 he established his own art school in Hamburg a. on the Dutch island Terschelling. F. created an oeuvre of great variety, comprising abstract a. figurative paintings as well as works with sand a. sheet metal.

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