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Hendrick Gerritsz. Pot: Elegant Company

Hendrick Gerritsz. Pot (Haarlem um 1585 - Amsterdam vor 1657), studio

Elegant Company

Lot-No. 7 | Proceeds: 7.400,00 €

Oil/wood, 47,5 x 63,5 cm, on the reverse exhibition label of Stedelijk Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden, 1980, as well as seal of the house of Oldenburg, probably of Grand Duke Peter I. of Oldenburg (1755-1829), min. rest. - The same subject by Pot, smaller in size, is in the National Gallery in London. - Expertise: We are grateful to Ellis Dullaart from the RKD, The Hague, for her kind assistance. The artist thus is from Pot's workshop or his circle. - Exhibition: The painting was on exhibition: Een verzameling schilderijen uit de 17de, 18de en 19de eeuw, Stedelijk Museum Leiden Lakenhal, 25.4. - 8.6. 1980, cat. no. 42. - Provenance: Collection of Grand Duke Peter I. of Oldenburg; gallery S. Nystad, Den Haag, before 1980; private collection W. H. Blijenburgh, Hilversum, 1980; gallery Alan Jacobs, London; Hamburg private collection. - Dutch figure a. history painter. P. was probably pupil of K. van Mander, together with Frans Hals. Until 1648 he worked in Haarlem where he was repeatedly dean of the St. Luke's guild. In that same year he moved to Amsterdam. W. Kalf was one of his pupils.

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