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Arthur Siebelist: Paintresses in the Studio

Arthur Siebelist (Loschwitz/Dresden 1870 - Hittfeld/Hamburg 1945)

Paintresses in the Studio

Lot-No. 117 | Proceeds: 400,00 €

Gouache/cardboard, 39 x 22 cm, lo. ri. sign. a. dat. A. Siebelist 92 Hbg, unframed. - Post-impressionist plein-air painter. S. studied 1890 at the Munich school of applied arts, followed by study trips to Florence, Rome, Paris, London a. Amsterdam. He settled in Hamburg where he was co-founder of the Hamburgischer Künstlerclub in 1897. The artist's colony in Hittfeld, founded by S. in 1902, shaped a whole generation of Hamburg artists; among his pupils where A. Rée, F. Nölken, F. Ahlers-Hestermann a. F. Friedrichs.

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