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A magnificent silver nautilus cup

A magnificent silver nautilus cup

Lot-No. 544 | Proceeds: 8.700,00 €

China, end of 19th cent. Silver, casted, embossed, engraved and punched. On an ornamental wooden base a lambent ming dragon is holding a magnificent cup in the shape of a nautilus. On the face side a medaillon with a figural relief-composition with a court scene and a duel with riders and infantry. Laterally very rich engraved decor with flower sprays and bamboo twigs. Above the medaillion the engraved inscription 'S.M.S. Irene' between the signatures of 'Kirchhoff, Timme, Fuchs' and 'v. Zelberschwecht-Laszenski, Donner, Herr.'. Small dents. H. 31 cm, Sockel H. 3 cm. - The magnificent nautilus cup is closely related to the history of the 'SMS Irene' and was pobably a gift for a special occasion by the above mentionned naval officers who were on duty on the 'SMS Irene' with the key date of 30 November 1894. .The famous ship was a protected cruiser of the German Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine) and was launched in Stettin 1887. After the Chinese-Japanese War had begun, the SMS Irene was used as a flagship in East Asia commuting between Formosa, Hongkong and Shanghai. After the Boxer Rebellion has begun the SMS Irene kept ist position in the port of Tsingtau. In 1901 the SMS Irene returned to Germany and was decommissioned in Danzig.

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