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Gabriele Daube: At the Elbe

Gabriele Daube (Hamburg 1901 - Hamburg 1988), attr.

At the Elbe

Lot-No. 222 | Proceeds : 700,00 €  

Watercolour, 24 x 24,5 cm, lo. le. dat. 1922, on the support indistinctly sign. as well as titled 'An der Elbe', matted a. framed under glass. - Hamburg paintress. D. studied at the Hamburg art school Gerda Koppel under E. Hartmann, F. Ahlers-Hestermann a. H. Stegemann. In 1924 she married Fritz Daube. Among her friends were H.M. Ruwoldt a. F. Flinte. Since 1933 she studied nude drawing under L. Feldberg-Eber, 1948-52 she continued her studies at the Hamburg Baukreis under E. Witt.

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