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Loredano Rosin: A Murano glass sculpture 'Balancing Rocks'

Loredano Rosin (Venedig 1936 - Venedig 1991)

A Murano glass sculpture 'Balancing Rocks'

Lot-No. 337 | Proceeds: 1.900,00 €

Murano, around 1990. Crystal glass and Calcedonia glass. Seal mark and frontally signed 'Loredano Rosin'. H. 60 cm. - Inspired by the clear fresh water and rocky shores of North America, Loredana Rosin combines in a series of sculptures transparent and calcedonia glass to catch the ephemeral beauty of colored pebbles washed by running water. - Literature: Comp.: Louise E. Berndt, Loredano Rosin, Murano 1989, Abb. S. 29. - Italian glass artist. At the age of 12 he began work as an apprentice by Romano Zanelli called 'Cocui Saor', 1961 glass master, 1963 foundation of the glasswork 'Art Vet' with his brother Mirko, 1965 collaboration with the famous 'Fucina degli Angeli, 1975 opens his own glass studio 'Vetreria Artistica Loredano Rosin'. - Personal and collective exhibitions in Europe, Japan and the United States.

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