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A rare fayence pot with 'Vögeles'-decor

A rare fayence pot with 'Vögeles'-decor

Lot-No. 374 | Proceeds : 3.800,00 €  

Ansbach,m around 1735. Blue glazed and blue painted fayence. Wall and lid with typical 'Vögeles'-decor with fine strewing flowers, the handle decorated with blue fish-bone-pattern between series of dots. Small chips. - Expertise: Art Dealer Frieder Aichele, 19.12.1994. - Literature: Fayence Exhibition Ansbach 1928, Nr. 88; Hüseler vol. II, pp. 191. - Provenance: Carl Janicke, Oslo; since 1933 Dr. Ragnar Børsum, Oslo; Igo Levi, Nürnberg; private collection North Germany.

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