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Karl Gussow: Portrait of a Girl

Karl Gussow (Havelberg 1843 - Pasing 1907)

Portrait of a Girl

Lot-No. 48 | Proceeds: 2.700,00 €

Oil/wood, 51 x 40 cm, up. ri. sign. a. dat. C. Gussow Brln 1886. - German history, landscape a. portrait painter. G. studied since 1860 at the Weimar Kunstschule under A. von Ramberg a. F. Pauwels, he continued his studies under C. von Piloty in Munich in 1867. As early as 1870 he became professor in Weimar, thereafter he was professor in Karlsruhe a. Berlin. G. was one of the leading portrait painters of his time.

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