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An antique sapphire parure

An antique sapphire parure

Lot-No. 592 | Proceeds: 700,00 €

19/20th cent. Silver, partly gilded. 4 pieces: necklace in front with sapphires in oval cut in total approx. 7,50 - 8 ct. and 57 small sapphires in round cut (l. in total 41 cm), bracelet in front with 5 sapphires in total approx. 3,5 - 4 ct. and 54 small sapphires in round cut (l. in total 19,5 cm), ring with 10 small sapphires and 1 oval cut sapphires approx. 0,90 ct. (size 54), a pair of earstuds each with one oval cut sapphire. Antique sapphire-pieces reworked into a parure. Necklace of bracelet and necklace, ring circlet, earstud and safety chain added. Weight in total approx. 32 g.

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