Catalogue ArchiveFebruar 2016 → Rolf Nesch (Oberesslingen 1893 - Oslo 1975) - Donkey Rider

Rolf Nesch (Oberesslingen 1893 - Oslo 1975) - Donkey Rider

Donkey Rider

Lot-Nr. 144 | Rolf Nesch (Oberesslingen 1893 - Oslo 1975)

Donkey Rider | Result 600 €

Blind stamp a. etching in colours, 49,5 x 32 cm, lo. ri. autographed Rolf Nesch, lo. le. num. 12/300, on the reverse stamp 'Jahresgabe 1968 Kunstverein in Hamburg', unframed. - German-Norwegian painter a. graphic artist. N. studied 1909-11 at the Stuttgart art school, thereafter at the Dresden academy until 1914 when he was drafted for military service. In 1929 he settled in Hamburg where he exhibited with the secession since 1931. Heavily oppressed by the Nazis he emigrated to Norway already in 1933. Not being in high esteem neither in his new homeland nor in Germany for many years he was finally awarded the Lichtwark prize in Hamburg in 1958 a. the prize of the Venice Biennale in 1962. He was taught print-making by E. L. Kirchner. N. was an unusally versatile artist who experimented with many techniques a. matters in his prints a. paintings.

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