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Jean-Baptiste Oudry: Still Life with Roebuck

Jean-Baptiste Oudry (Paris 1686 - Beauvais 1755)

Still Life with Roebuck

Lot-No. 18 | Proceeds : 13.600,00 €  

Oil/canvas, 52 x 64 cm, lo. ri. sign. J. B. Oudry, relined. - French painter, graphic artist a. draughtsman. O. was taught by his father, by M. Serre a. N. de Largillière. Around the time when he became member of the Paris academy in 1719 he started focusing on hunting still lifes a. animals. As painter to the court of Louis XV he painted the king's favourite dogs. He has been working for the Beauvais tapestry manufacture since 1726 when he became it's head in 1734. Under his direction the manufacture's fame spread all over the world. O. worked also for the reigning houses of Sweden, Denmark a. Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

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