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Emile Gallé: Sitting cat

Emile Gallé (Nancy 1846 - Nancy 1904)

Sitting cat

Lot-No. 202 | Proceeds: 1.600,00 €

Nancy. The model around 1884. Red earthenware with white tin glaze, glossy black painting. Recessed muzzle, glued in glass eyes. on the bottom sign. in brown 'Gallé'. Rest., slight scratches. H. 34,5 cm. - - Literature: Comp.: B. Hakenjos, Emile Gallé, München 2012, v.I, p. 58f. and v. II, cat. no. 61-63. - One of the most famous glass artists of the French Art Nouveau. Many designs of ceramic, glass and furniture in the style of historicism and art nouveau. Studied in Weimar and Meisenthal, staied in London and Paris, the first successes at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1878. - Mus: represented in leading art museums in the world. - Lit: B. Hakenjos, Emile Gallé, München 2012.

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