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Johann Christoph Engelbrecht: A Baroque coffee pot

Johann Christoph Engelbrecht (1707 - 1758)

A Baroque coffee pot

Lot-No. 64 | Proceeds: 2.500,00 €

Augsburg, around 1763-65. Silver, stamped with Augsburg assay mark with Q and MM.: 'ICE', indisting re-marking, zickzackline, wooden handle. (Comp. Die Kunst der Augsburger Gold- und Silberschmiede, vol. III., no. 246 and 2307). Min. traces of age. H. 25 cm, weight c. 760 g. - Provenance: Private Collection Schleswig-Holstein. - Augsburg silver smith, son of silversmith Johann Engelbrecht. Master since 1739. Engelbrecht belonged to one of the productive silver smiths in Augsburg. His workshop was continued after his death until about 1767-69. Several pots from the workshop of Engelbrecht are presented in Private Collections and Museums in Europe.

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