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Ottomar Elliger d.J.: The Feast of Cleopatra

Ottomar Elliger d.J. (Hamburg 1666 - St. Petersburg 1732)

The Feast of Cleopatra

Lot-No. 9 | Proceeds: 3.100,00 €

Oil/canvas/wood, 58 x 69 cm, lo. le. inv. no. 128, some rest. - We are grateful to Dr. Justus Lange, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister Kassel, for confirming the provenance from the collection of Schloß Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel. - Exhibition: Schloß Wilhelmshöhe Kassel, ca. 1749 until ca. 1965. - Provenance: Schloß Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister since at least 1749 until ca. 1965 inventory no. 128; since 1976 in the collection Johannes Neckermann; Schleswig-Holstein private collection. - German history painter, son a. pupil of Ottomar Elliger the Elder. After his father's death in 1679 E. moved to Amsterdam to continue his studies under M. van Musscher, since 1886 he was collaborator of G. de Lairesse. E. also worked for the Mainz prince bishop a. tsarina Catherine I.

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