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Hans Martin Ruwoldt: A bronze sculpture 'Standing man'

Hans Martin Ruwoldt (Hamburg 1891 - Hamburg 1969)

A bronze sculpture 'Standing man'

Lot-No. 200 | Proceeds : 300,00 €  

1959. Bronze with dark patina, figure h. 17,5 cm, marble base h. 3 cm (dam.), verso monogrammed 'HR' as well as inscribed 'DSB' and 'Jahresgabe 1959'. - The sculpture was presented in 1959 by the German Sports Federation as an annual edition. - German sculptor and graphic artist, from 1911 studied at the School of Applied Arts in Hamburg, 1928-1933 member of the Hamburg Secession, primarily known for his animal figures, numerous sculptural works in the public space of Hamburg. - Lit.: Vollmer, Bruhns, Der Neue Rump.

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