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Ursula Querner: A bronze sculpture 'Dancer'

Ursula Querner (Dresden 1921 - Hamburg 1969)

A bronze sculpture 'Dancer'

Lot-No. 185 | Proceeds: 900,00 €

Hamburg, around 1965. Bronze with brown patina, h. 20 cm, on the base incised monogram 'UQ'. - German sculptress, 1939-42 apprenticeship of wood carving in the Rhön region, 1946-49 at the Hamburg Academy under Edwin Scharff, from 1950 own studio in Hamburg, 1963 founding member of the 'Neue Gruppe Hamburg', 1964 Edwin-Scharff-award of the City of Hamburg. Numerous works for the public space, publ. coll.: KH Hamburg and Rostock, Kulturbehörde Schleswig SHLM. Comp.: Der Neue Rump, p. 359, et al.

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