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Roberto Iras Baldessari: Chioggia, Venice

Roberto Iras Baldessari (Innsbruck 1894 - Rom 1965)

Chioggia, Venice

Lot-No. 303 | Proceeds: 700,00 €

Oil/canvas, 60 x 80 cm, lo. le. sign. Baldessari. - Italian landscape a. veduta painter. B. studied under G. Ciardi a. E. Brugnoli a the Venice academy since 1908, since 1915 he continued his studies in Florence, where he joined the local futurists. He left futurism behind since 1925 a. turned to figurative painting. He travelled extensively a. met among others Archipenko a. Schwitters. - Mus.: Berlin (Nat. Gall.), Hamburg (Kunsthalle), Hannover (Kestner-Mus.), Rom (Gall. Corsini).

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