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Carl Reichert: View on Salzburg

Carl Reichert (Wien 1836 - Graz 1918)

View on Salzburg

Lot-No. 408 | Proceeds: 7.500,00 €

Oil/canvas, 73,5 x 114 cm, lo. ri. monogr. a. dat. C. R. 1866. - Prov.: Villa Paula, Loschwitz near Dresden. The owner of the Villa Paule, actor to the Dresden court, Pauline Ulrich, promoted young artists with money or lodging and occasionally received paintings as presents from the artists. - Austrian animal a. veduta painter from a family of artists, son of the animal painter Heinrich R. The son was pupil of the Graz drawing school since 1850; in 1854 he worked as landscape painter in collaboration with J. Kuwasseg. R. mained worked for noble familes a. was soon recommended to the imperial court in Vienna. Already his first attempts in animal painting were sucha success that he specialised in that genre. he exhibited at the Vienna World Fair in 1873. - Mus.: Wien, Bautzen a. others. - Lit.: Boetticher, Thieme-Becker, Bénézit a. others.

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