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Michael Morgner: Striding - Schreitender

Michael Morgner (Chemnitz 1942)

Striding - Schreitender

Lot-No. 522 | Proceeds: 5.000,00 €

Collage a. mixed media/canvas, 180 x 130 cm, on the reverse sign. a. dat. Morgner 90 as well as titled, unframed. - German painter, sculptor a. film artist. M. studied 1961-66 at the Hochschule für Graphik u. Buchkunst in Leipzig. Among his awards are the first prize for painting at the Sofia Triennale in 1988, the prize of the Griffelkunst in Hamburg 1991 a. the Gerhard-Altenburg-prize in 2012. M. was co-founder of the Akademie der Künste in Dresden a. of the Freien Akademie der Künste in Leipzig. He lives a. works in Chemnitz.

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