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Laurits Regner Tuxen: Promenaders on the Beach of Skagen

Laurits Regner Tuxen (Kopenhagen 1853 - Kopenhagen 1927)

Promenaders on the Beach of Skagen

Lot-No. 458 | Proceeds: 23.500,00 €

Oil/canvas, 30,5 x 48,5 cm, lo. ri. monogr. a. dat. LT 22, on the stretcher inscribed 'Skagen'. - Danish landscape a. figure painter, one of the main exponents of the Skagen artist's colony. T. studied at the Copenhagen academy under H. Drachmann a. V. Kyhn, thereafter he continued his studies in the studio of L. Bonnat in Paris until 1878. He travelled West Europe a. Russia where he painted portraits of the members of the respective royal houses a. the high nobility. Since 1901 he returned to Skagen every summer. In 1916 he became professor at the Copenhagen academy. Trained on French art he became one of the most important plein air artists in Denmark, at the same time he was one of the most sought-after portrait painters of his time. - Mus.: Copenhagen (Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek, Hirschsprung Mus., Statens Mus. f. Kunst), Florence (Uffizi), London (Buckingham Palace), Charlottenborg, Aarhus, Skagen a. others. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Weilbach a. others.

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