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Seitz (Mannheim 1906 - Hamburg 1969) - A plaster-relief 'female torso'

A plaster-relief 'female torso'

Lot-Nr. 331 | Seitz (Mannheim 1906 - Hamburg 1969)

A plaster-relief 'female torso' | Result 1.900 €

Around 1967/68. Plaster with beige glaze. Negative mould of the Rosenthal-relief. Below right sign. 58 x 54 cm. - 1967 Seitz became a freelancer of the manufactory Rosenthal and created 3 designs for the relief-series of the 'Studio-Linie'. - The negative mould originates from the artist's atelier. Comp.: Rosenthal, Hannover, 1992, p. 198 a. 259.From 1928-31 a masterpupil of W. Gerstel at the Akademy for Fine Arts in Berlin, 1946-50 professorship for sculpture in Berlin, since 1958 professorship at the academy in Hamburg. The main topics of his work are nudes and portraits. - Mus.: Berlin (Nat.-Gal.), Hamburg (Kunsthalle, MKG), München, Wien (Kunsthist. Mus.), Peking u.a. - Comp.: U. Grohn, Das plastische Werk. Werkverzeichnis, Hamburg, 1980, Schüler, Schälicke a.o.

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