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Aftersale Auction 26 September 2020 - Lot-Nr. 215

Idyl in the Wood
Idyl in the Wood  - Bild 1

Lot-Nr. 215 | Adolf Gustav Ditscheiner (Wien 1846 - Wien 1904)

Idyl in the Wood | Reserveprice 900 €

Oil/canvas, 95 x 127 cm, lo. le. sign. a. dat. Ad. Ditscheiner 78, relined. - Austrian landscape painter. D. studied 1866-73 at the Vienna academy under A. Zimmermann a. E. Peithner von Lichtenfels. In 1871 he joined the Vienna Künstlerhaus. Besides J. E. Schindler D. is considered to be one of the most important exponents of the specifically Austrian so called 'Stimmungsimpressionismus'. - Vienna, Munich, Darmstadt a. others. - Lit.: Saur, Thieme-Becker a. others.

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