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Ivo Hauptmann: Pier on the Elbe

Ivo Hauptmann (Erkner 1886 - Hamburg 1973)

Pier on the Elbe

Lot-No. 161 | Proceeds: 800,00 €

Charcoal drawing, 28 x 43,5 cm, lo. le. sign. a. dat. Ivo Hauptmann 48, unframed. - Landscape a. figure painter, eldest son of the Nobel prize winner Gerhart Hauptmann. H. studied in Paris, under L. Corinth in Berlin a. at the Weimar Academy. Among his friends were O. Müller, P. Signac a. R. M. Rilke. H. was co-founder of the Freie Sezession Berlin. In 1925 he settled in Hamburg a. became head of the Hamburg secession. - Mus.: Hamburg (Kunsthalle, Altonaer Museum), Schleswig (SHLM) a. others. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit, Vollmer, Der Neue Rump a. others.

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