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Hans Peter Feddersen: Rocks near Wiesbaden

Hans Peter Feddersen (Westerschnatebüll 1848 - Kleiseerkoog 1941)

Rocks near Wiesbaden

Lot-No. 70 | Proceeds: 1.200,00 €

Gouache, 24,5 x 34 cm, lo. le. monogr. a. dat. HPF. 1911.II.II. as well as dat. again 11. Nov., lo. ri. inscribed 'Taunus', on the reverse titled probably by another hand 'Felsengruppe bei Wiesbaden', matted a. framed under glass, uninspected out of frame. - Cat. rais.: 826. - One of the most important North German landscape painters of international reputation, studied at the Düsseldorf academy under O. Achenbach a. in Weimar under Th. Hagen, worked a. lived in Kleiseerkoog near Niebüll. - Lit.: Boetticher, Thieme-Becker, Bénézit, Martius/Stubbe 'Der Maler H.P.F.' (1966), Bieske 'H.P.F.' (1998), Schulte-Wülwer 'Sehnsucht nach Arkadien'.

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