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Bargheer (Hamburg 1901 - Hamburg 1979) - San Miguel

San Miguel

Lot-Nr. 7 | Bargheer (Hamburg 1901 - Hamburg 1979)

San Miguel | Reserveprice 1.800 €

Watercolour, 31,5 x 43,5 cm, framed under glass, uninspected out of frame. - Painter, draughtsman a. graphic artist, who, starting from expressionism, combined figurative a. abstract painting, member of the Hamburg secession, met P. Klee, lived alternately on Ischia a. in Blankenese, travelled to Tunisia, Maroc a. Egypt in the 1960s, exhibited at the Documenta I a. II. - Mus.: Hamburg (Kunsthalle, Altonaer Mus.), Cologne, Karlsruhe, Hannover a. others. - Lit.: Der Neue Rump, Baumgart, Heydorn, Rosenbach 'E.B. Werkverzeichnis d. Druckgraphik 1930-1974' a. others.

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