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Fritz von Graevenitz: A rare early bronze figure 'Grazing horse'

Fritz von Graevenitz Stuttgart 1892 - Stuttgart 1959

A rare early bronze figure 'Grazing horse'

Lot-No. 1189 | Proceeds: 1.600,00 €

1918. Bronze with dark patina, h. 28 cm, 33 x 20 cm, on bronze plinth sign. and dat. 'F. v. Graevenitz 1918.', cast probably by Tognarelli (Stuttragt). - We thank Dr. Müller from the foundation of Fritz von Graevenitz for her kind support. - German sculptor and painter, 1919-20 studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, guiding impressions by the Starnberg sculptor Gustaf Britsch, from 1921 Graevenitz worked as a freelance sculptor at Solitude near Stuttgart, in 1937 he became Director of the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart. Graevenitz worked portrait busts especially animal sculptures and large-scale works for public spaces. - Mus: Museum of Fritz Graevenitz (Schloß Solitude Stuttgart).

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