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August Gaul: A large animal figure 'Lioness'

August Gaul Hanau 1869 - Berlin 1921

A large animal figure 'Lioness'

Lot-No. 651 | Proceeds : 900,00 €  

Meissen, around 1925. Boettger stoneware. Design from 1922, modelled by Gaul's pupil Max Esser, who adapted the famous animal figure for the Meissen workshop. Sign. to the base 'A. Gaul'. Crossed swords with dot (Pfeiffer-period) and 4 incision lines, embossed 'Böttgersteinzeug' and incised 'A1054' and 'L230'. The tail rest., ear min. ground. H. 32,5 cm, l. 47,5 cm.

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