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Alfred Paulmann: Flowers on Sylt

Alfred Paulmann Barmen 1884 - Westerland/Sylt 1964

Flowers on Sylt

Lot-No. 64 | Proceeds : 1.100,00 €  

Oil/wood, 47 x 86,5 cm, lo. ri. sign. a. dat. Alfred Paulmann 1939 as well as inscribed Sylt. - German landscape a. marine painter, studied sculpture at the Elberfeld art school but soon turned to painting, 1902-06 he worked as a sailor a. was commissioned many marine paintings, aft WW I he settled on Sylt where he made friends with H. Köcke a. E. Schloemann. - Lit.: Schulte-Wülwer: Künstlerinsel Sylt, 2005.

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