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Cornelis van Poelenburgh: Diana and her Nymphs bathing

Cornelis van Poelenburgh Utrecht um 1594 - Utrecht 1667

Diana and her Nymphs bathing

Lot-No. 6 | Proceeds : 5.900,00 €  

Oil/wood, 22 x 32 cm, min. rest., on the reverse inventory label of the inventory catalogue of the 'Preußische Schlösser' of ca. 1880 a. inventory no. 3321 as well as seal with head of a deer. - Prov.: Royal Prussian collection. - Utrecht painter, pupil of A. Bloemaert, since 1617 he lived in Rome for some time, in 1637 he worked in London for the English king Charles I, his delicately painted figures in arcadian landscapes were always highly sought after, he painted the figures also for landscape painters like J. Both, J. Hackaert, A. Keirincx a. H. Steenwijk. - Mus.: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Brunswick, Schwerin. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit, Wurzbach, Bernt a. others.

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