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Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann: Still Life with Vase

Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann Hamburg 1883 - Berlin 1973

Still Life with Vase

Lot-No. 182 | Proceeds: 2.000,00 €

Oil/canvas, 38,5 x 46 cm, lo. le. sign. a. dat. F. Ahlers-Hestermann 32, some rest., relined. - Dr. Anke Manigold will include the painting to the supplement of the cat. rais. - Painter a. author, trained by A. Siebelist, travelled to Paris with F. Nölken a. W. Rosam where he became pupil of H. Matisse in 1910 a. met his future wife, A. Povorina, member of the Hamburgischer Künstlerclub a. the Hamburg secession, since 1928 professor at the Cologne Werkkunstschule, dismissed by the Nazis in 1933, after the war he became a head of the Berlin academy of arts, was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz a. the Edwin Scharff award. - Mus.: Berlin, Hamburg, Essen, Cologne a. others. - Lit.: Rump, Der Neue Rump, Manigold 'Der Hamburger Maler F.A.-H.' (with Cat. rais.), Ewers-Schultz, 'F.A.-H'.

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