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A magnificent cover tureen with chinoiseries

A magnificent cover tureen with chinoiseries

Lot-No. 578 | Proceeds : 10.500,00 €  

Meissen, around 1740. Oval body with handles shaped as mascarons with long feather hats. High-domed cover with crown-shaped knob. At both sides of the wall and the cover gold-framed reserves with chinoiseries and Indian flowers in the manner of Johann Ehrenfried Stadler. Crossed swords in u'glaze blue. Cover knob and handles prof. rest., small chip to the ring stand. H. 27 cm. - The model of the tureen is supposed to date back to the years around 1730. The mascarons are regarded as an invention by Kaendler himself. See: Rückert, Meissener Porzellan, München 1966, p. 134 and ill. 638. The painting, especially the so-called 'Fächer-Chinesen' (Fan-Chinese), demonstrate the typical motifs and the characteristic manner of Stadler. See: Eikelmann (ed.), Meißener Porzellan des 18. Jahrhunderts in Schloß Lustheim, Munich 2004, pp. 130-137.

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