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A large bronze figure 'Dying gaul'

A large bronze figure 'Dying gaul'

Lot-No. 688 | Proceeds : 1.900,00 €  

Paris, around 1900. Bronze with goldbrown patina, h. 39 cm, plinthe 83 x 40 cm, on plinth with foundary mark 'F. Barbedienne. Fondeur.' and Reproduktionsstempel 'Réduction Mécanique A. Collas Brevete'. - The representation of the Dying Gaul goes back to the Roman copy of a bronze original, which was approximately 230/220 BC and was commissioned by Attalus I, king of Pergamon, and stood in the sanctuary of Athena of Pergamon. In the 17th cent. rediscovered during excavations they belonged to the Ludovisi in Rome. Today it is in the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

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