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Robert Kummer: Southern Coast

Robert Kummer Dresden 1810 - Dresden 1889

Southern Coast

Lot-No. 97 | Proceeds: 4.300,00 €

Oil/wood, 36 x 46 cm, lo. ri. sign. a. dat. R. Kummer 1879. - German landscape painter, as early as 1825 he started studying at the Dresden academy but was also trained by J. C. Dahl a. his godfather C. D. Friedrich, with a scholarship of the Saxonian king he travelled Italy for the first time in 1832/33, he also went to see the Adria, Scotland a. Egypt, in 1859 he accompanied prince Georg of Saxonia to Portugal. - Mus.: Dresden (Gem.-Gal.), Chemnitz, Leipzig, Moscow. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit.

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