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Julius Prömmel: Danish Frigate

Julius Prömmel Hamburg-Wandsbek um 1805 - Triest 1870

Danish Frigate

Lot-No. 98 | Proceeds : 4.300,00 €  

Oil/canvas, 47,5 x 63,5 cm, lo. le. sign. a. dat. Prömmel 1832, rest. - Marine painter a. shipbuilder, 1832 a. 1836 he studied in the studio of W. Eckersberg in Copenhagen, since 1833 he exhibited in Charlottenborg a. in Altona, he worked as shipbuilder in Apenrade a. Hamburg without abandoning marine painting, in 1837 he travelled Italy for the first time, since the 1850s he worked as shipbuilder in Trieste. - Mus.: Copenhagen. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Weilbach, Der Neue Rump.

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