Catalogue ArchiveNovember 2012 → An Art-Nouveau necklace "Peacock"

An Art-Nouveau necklace "Peacock"

An Art-Nouveau necklace "Peacock"

Lot-Nr. 355 |

An Art-Nouveau necklace "Peacock" | Result 3.500 €

France, c. 1905. 18 ct. yellow gold with silver, marked "750", further marks indistinct. Decorated with one diam. in faceted cut of asymmetrical shape (edge partly def., backside covering) and with 18 emeralds in faceted cut in rectangular and square shape (5-6 stones with small def.) and alsow with 16 nature pearls (Comp. Divis, no. 1042, 1056). With antique box of englisch jeweller "H.S. Gardiner, Bridge St. Caversham". Pendant 65 x 27 mm, necklace 14 ct. yellow gold, marked 585 l. 45 cm, weight c. 5 g.

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