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An Awabi-shell bowl

An Awabi-shell bowl

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An Awabi-shell bowl | Result 800 €

Hirado/Japan, late Edo-period (1603-1868). Porcelain with blue painting. The exterior with brown glaze. Naturalistically designed bowl, the inside with fan motifs on an ornamental flower underground. 21 x 26 cm. - Prov.: Rare Chinese Bronzes and Works of Art from an important private collection in France (Lot 700 - 721). The following group of bronzes, ceramics and jade objects are part of an old noble collection in Southern France. The collection has been assembled since the 19th cent. by an art-minded entrepreneur and has been in the estate of the family by descent ever since. The family kept manifold private and commercial relations to China and was able to build up an exquisite and important collection. A selection of these marvelous objects is now being offered and is available to the global art market for the very first time. The objects demonstrate the fascination for Chinese and Asian Art and the collecting passion of an intellectual gentleman and connoisseur.

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