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A Ming-style garlic-head bottle vase

A Ming-style garlic-head bottle vase

Lot-No. 861 | Proceeds : 18.600,00 €  

China, Qianlong-period (1736-1795). Porcelain with blue painting. Characteristic shape with thickened mouth. At the wall fine depictions of the "Three Abundances" (pomegranate, finger citron and peach) recalling traditional Ming-styles. Delicate dots and shades imitating the characteristic "heaping and piling" effect of celebrated Ming blue-and-white wares. Shoulder, foot and mouth with Ruyi-borders. Six-character Qianlong-mark. H. 15 cm. - The 3 depicted fruits are a common wish ("sanduo"), representing longevity, many sons and blessings. Similar Ming-style Qianlong-vases can be found in leading collections worldwide, e.g. the National Palace Museum Taibei. See: Blue-and-White Ware of the Ch"ing Dynasty, Bd. II, Porcelain of the National Palace Museum, Hongkong 1968, pl. 5. - Prov.: The property of a gentleman. From an old Scandinavian coll.

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