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A set of 7 snuff bottles

A set of 7 snuff bottles

Lot-No. 1063 | Proceeds : 1.200,00 €  

China, 19th/beg. of 20th cent.. 7 snuff bottles made of different materials: Pink and blue overlay Peking glass bottle with cockerel, snake and bird (h. 8,5 cm, marks in the glass and the silver-spoon), Peking glass bottle in elephant-shape (H. 6,5 cm), porcelain-bottle with iron-red phoenix (h. 6 cm, hallmark), porcelain-bottle with He Xiangu and poem (H. 8 cm, Qianlong-mark), porcelain-bottle with garden scenes (h. 7 cm, Qianlong-mark), porcelain-bottle with cloisonné-like painting (h. 6,5 cm, Qianlong-mark), milk glass bottle with cicadas (h. 5,5 cm, Qianlong-mark).

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