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Salvador Dalí: Elijah

Salvador Dalí (Figueres 1904 - Figueres 1989)


Lot-No. 194 | Proceeds : 600,00 €  

1975, drypoint a. stencil/japan, 40 x 56,5 cm, lo. ri. autographed Dalí, lo. le. num. 160/250, framed under glass, uninspected out of frame. - Cat. rais.: Michler/Löpsinger 758. - From the series "Our historical heritage". - Main exponent of surrealism, studied at the Madrid Academy, initially influenced by the "pittura metafisica" of de Chirico a. Carrà, on a Paris trip 1929 affiliated at the surrealist André Breton, absorbed Freuds theories of interpretation of dreams. - Mus.: Figueres, St. Petersburg (Florida), Zürich a. others. - Lit.: Etherington-Smith, Salber, Schiebler, Michler/Löpsinger "S.D. - Catalogue raisoné of etchings and mixed-media prints, 1924-1980" (1994) a. others.

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