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A Dehua-figurine "Guanyin"

A Dehua-figurine "Guanyin"

Lot-No. 952 | Proceeds : 1.100,00 €  

China, 19th cent. (Qing-dynasty 1644-1911). White porcelain (Blanc-de-Chine). Seated figurine of the Bodhisattva Guanyin on a circular base. The left hand holding a small scroll. The elegant and draped costume with fine craquelé glaze. The eyes cast downward. Dehua seal and mark "Bo ji yuren". H. 30,5 cm. - The figurine of the seated Guanyin refers to a model of the early 17th cent., whose pose is nearly identical. The mark however points to the famous Dehua-artists of the late Qing-dynasty, as Su Xuejin (1869-1919). See: Ayers, Blanc-de-Chine. Divine images in porcelain. New York 2002, pp. 34, 83.

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