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Oskar Kokoschka (Pöchlarn 1886 - Montreux 1980) - Hygieia


Lot-Nr. 164 | Oskar Kokoschka (Pöchlarn 1886 - Montreux 1980)

Hygieia | Reserveprice 500 €

Lithograph, 39 x 33 cm, lo. ri. autographed O. Kokoschka, lo. le. num. 63/80, matted a. framed under glass, uninspected out of frame. - In greek mythology Hygieia is the daughter of Asklepios and the goddess of health. - Austrian painter, graphic artist a. poet of expressionism, studied at the Vienna art school among others under G. Klimt, rejected the Art Nouveau style a. developed a subjective emotional pictorial language, member of the Berlin Freie Sezession, exhibited at the Documenta I to III. - Mus.: Basel, Stuttgart, Hamburg (Kunsthalle), Hannover (Sprengel Museum), New York (MoMA), Prague, Cologne a. others - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Vollmer, Spielmann "O.K. - Leben u. Werk", Wingler/Welz "K. - Das druckgraph. Werk" a. others.

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