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A baroque emerald diamond ring

A baroque emerald diamond ring

Lot-No. 341 | Proceeds : 800,00 €  

18th cent. 14 ct. yellow gold with silver. The ringtop on bottom sealed. In front with one oval emerald (9,6 x 7,9 mm) and around with 3 smaller emeralds in rectangular cut. Further decorated with 6 small diam. in rectangular cut of asymmetrical shape. On the side with hinge joint to open the ringtop, formerly with secret compartment, closed with old solder joints. Prov.: formerly from the property of Mrs. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. 1 small emerald missing, 1 emerald with very small def. Ringtop 21 x 20 mm, Weite 63/64, weight c. 10 g.

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