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Heinrich Blunck-Heikendorf: View on the Kiel Fjord

Heinrich Blunck-Heikendorf (Kiel 1891 - Kiel 1963)

View on the Kiel Fjord

Lot-No. 126 | Proceeds: 5.200,00 €

Oil/cardboard, 44 x 53 cm, lo. ri. sign. H. Blunck, on the reverse indistinctly inscribed. - Landscape painter a. lithographer, studied at the Munich academy under A. Jank a. L. Lesker, thereafter in Kassel under H. Olde a. G. Burmester, since 1923 leading exponent of the Heikendorf artist"s colony, chairman of the Schleswig-Holstein Kunstgenossenschaft, exhibitions in Husum a. Sonderborg 2008 brought the artists oeuvre back to public attention. - Lit.: Saur, Vollmer, Dressler, Kamphausen "H.B. - Ein Maler der Schleswig-Holst. Landschaft", Manitz "H.B. - Der Weg eines Künstlers" (2007).

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