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Carl Christoph Hartig: Bathers

Carl Christoph Hartig (Davos 1888 - Düsseldorf 1975)


Lot-No. 222 | Proceeds : 8.300,00 €  

Oil/canvas, 65,5 x 81 cm, lo. ri. sign. Carl Chr. Hartig, on the stretcher exhibition labels of the Paris Salon d"Automne 1912, relined. - While motif and composition still reveal the influence of Hartigs teacher Ludwig von Hofmann, the colours are clearly expressionist. - Figure, landscape a. still life painter, studied at the Düsseldorf academy, 1906-09 at the Weimar academy under L. v. Hofmann a. H. Olde, but also in Aachen, Munich, Rome a. Paris. - - Mus.: Aachen (Suermondt-Mus.), Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr, Braunschweig. - Lit.: Vollmer u.a.

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